Friday, December 19, 2008

Patagonia Customer Service

Patagonia service center in Reno, Nevada (photo from
Just as important as the physical product a company creates is the customer service it provides.  Recently, I returned an item to Patagonia that shrunk in the wash and didn't fit right anymore.  I sent it back using the form provided when they first sent the item to me (I had ordered it from and followed their directions.

I requested that they exchange the item for a different item.  As it turns out, they no longer had the item in my size.  I promptly received a call from a Patagonia customer service representative and they refunded my money.  It was a swift transaction and a nice change from some companies who insist on sending their customer's inquiries to customer service agents located in India (literally!).  

I was very pleased with the attention to my issue and the outcome.  I've ordered a handful of items from and I can advise that in my experience, if you need to order from their website, you can feel confident that you'll have a smooth transaction and be pleased with the experience.

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