Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Patagonia Service Center Clogged Up

(Above:  Inside the Patagonia Service Center in Reno.  Photo from natures-lighting.com)
I had to send my faulty Patagonia Critical Mass Bag back to the Reno, Nevada service center.  I sent it UPS so it was insured and it had tracking.  According to the UPS site, it was delivered to Patagonia on December 23rd.  I hadn't heard anything and hadn't been refunded according to my bank website so I gave them a call this morning.  

The helpful customer service representative, "Elle," kindly informed me that they were only now processing returns from--are you ready for this--December 9th.  Yikes!  Either everyone's sending their Critical Mass Bags back or they need to hire an extra person or two.  So with a little bit of simple math, they should be getting to my bag on...January 20th?




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