Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Product: The Patagonia MLC Dawn Patrol

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Recently Patagonia took one of its popular items, the Critical Mass, and created a variation on it, the Vertical Mass. Seems like it was a popular concept because they've duplicated the strategy, this time with the time-honored and much-beloved MLC bag. The original MLC has been raved about for years (as has the relatively recent introduction, the MLC Wheelie) so for those MLC-lovers out there who just can't give too much TLC to their MLC, Patagonia's created the MLC Dawn Patrol.

This version is a backpack that is $35 less than the pricey $175 MLC but holds some 500 cubic inches less than the original. What many will probably love about it though is that it has a padded laptop computer pocket that will put the notebook-toting traveler's mind at ease.

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