Friday, October 23, 2009

Inside the World of Patagonia: The Tin Shed

As you can tell from this Patagonia Community blog, I'm a fan of the stuff Patagonia produces. So it's odd that I had never visited the Patagonia mini-site, The Tin Shed. Never visited, until today, that is. And man, I was really impressed. What a cool site that is filled with stories, both audio and video, from Patagonia friends and ambassadors.
One of my favorite stories can be located under the "View All Stories" link, then the "Backcountry Stashes" link. From there, click on "From Before Cloudmachine" and get ready for some really well-shot skiing action. Fantastic.

Great job by Patagonia of showing the lifestyle behind the apparel. Check out The Tin Shed!
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