Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Patagonia Ascensionist: A Soft Shell Classic

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My first Patagonia jacket was the Dimension Jacket. I purchased it from Sport Chalet and basically got it for half price. I loved the trim fit, the stretchy material, and it's clean look. I later purchased another Patagonia Dimension that had a few changes (and eBayed the other one) and loved that one as well.While Patagonia no longer makes the Dimension Jacket, their newer minimalist soft shell is the Patagonia Ascensionist. They make both a men's and women's version that is very similar to the old Dimension. As a soft shell, it's really not designed for rain (the leaky shoulders of my Dimension would attest to that), but for wind resistance and breathability, Patagonia soft shells are tough to beat. And in this version of the Ascensionist, they've added some extra protection from the elements which is fantastic.

This season, Patagonia has changed up the color scheme adding colored zippers. It's a different look for Patagonia but has a great style.




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