Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jack Spade and Patagonia: Brothers from Another Mother?

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I'm a follower of Michael Williams' great blog A Continuous Lean and he posted an interview recently with Andy Spade, creator of Jack Spade (and husband to Kate Spade). Why mention that on a blog about Patagonia?

Turns out, Andy is a Patagonia fan. Check out the article here. I stay away from "fashion bags" and I think that's why I like (and own) some Jack Spade items--at heart, they're utilitarian. Of course, what drew me to Patagonia initially are their incredibly useful bags, including the legendary Critical Mass, as documented here. Supposedly, Patagonia will be reverting back to their ballistic, bomb-proof fabric soon for the Critical Mass (though now it will be recycled and recyclable) so I'm keeping my eyes open....

Head over to A Continuous Lean if you want to be updated on quality American made products and see bits of Americana.

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