Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back to Blog & Patagonia T-Shirts

Alright, I'm back to blog after a little break that resulted from being under the weather. While the down-side of the down-time was that it kept me stuck in bed or on the couch, the up-side of the down-time was that I was able to flip through the Late Summer Patagonia catalog.

There are some great t-shirt designs by Geoff McFetridge and I thought I'd get the opinion from Pat Com on which t-shirt design we like best. So I'll post a few of my favorites and you can comment on this entry with your vote. Photographs are from

First the Patagonia Bison Type Logo:

Next, the Submarine Surf Check:

Finally, the Flying Glass Logo:

Each one retails for $29. So tell us, Pat Com, which one do you like? Or is there a different one that grabs your eye? For more options, see the other t-shirts at the Patagonia website.