Monday, February 9, 2009

Coming Soon to the Patagonia Community: the Pat Com Patagonia Down Jacket Review!

I'll give the skinny on the mother of all down jackets: the Patagonia Down Jacket. I picked one up recently for a song (if anything can be considered a "song" in these economic times). Look for a detailed, in-depth review, in keeping with other Pat Com reviews (like my review of the Patagonia Critical Mass and the Down Vest).

Patagonia Winterfest Sale Just a Day Away

(Image from
Gettin' ready for the big one! The Patagonia Winterfest Sale will be hitting their stores and website tomorrow, February 10. Look for some great deals and let the Patagonia Community know what you came up with. As I posted previously, this could be THE best time of the year to get Patagonia jackets, gear, and clothing for a low price.

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