Monday, July 30, 2007

Patagonia Now Available at Zappos

Maybe I'm out of touch and this is old news to all of you but...
The mother of all internet shoe retailers,, is now carrying Patagonia products though, ironically, not Patagonia shoes. Seems that Zappos has branched out into selling other products such as clothing, bags, and accessories. They carry over 500 shoe brands and 90,000 styles, something no brick and mortar store can come close to touching. With the introduction of different types of products (clothing, bags, and accessories), it won't be long before they are the equivalent of your internet Wal-Mart.

As for the Patagonia items, they carry men's and women's sportswear, activewear, outerwear, and travel bags. The much-loved Half-Mass bag is offered in most of the latest colors. Items range from a few dollars more than to a few dolllars less. The Half-Mass goes for $79 at Patagonia, and $82.95 at Zappos while the Lightweight Travel Tote sells for $80 at Patagonia and $73.95 at Zappos. Here's the kicker though: Zappos is currently offering FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING if you live in the contiguous 48. That ain't bad. I've ordered running shoes from Zappos in the past and their service is exemplary.

The other nice thing is that the Zappos site offers a "Multi-View" option when viewing individual products. For example, you can see the Patagonia Rain Shadow jacket in each color and from several different angles (even the inside pocket), something at which the Patagonia site is deficient (usually one picture and once in a while two).

So we have another option for finding Patagonia products. I'll let you know once Zappos starts selling bread, eggs, and toilet paper.

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